Comprising five divisions, ARA’s corporate office forms the mainstay of the company, providing critical operational support and management oversight of the ARA Group’s multiple business units and subsidiaries.  Our corporate divisions include the Group Investment Office, responsible for driving ARA’s overall business development efforts and regional expansion, as well as Finance and Compliance, Human Resources, Corporate Development and Investor Relations and Administration, each responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of our business units and the effective integration of our regional offices.

The Group Investment Office (GIO) is responsible for corporate strategy and planning for all business expansion initiatives of the ARA Group, including the establishment of new REITs, private funds and joint ventures, as well as oversight of the Group’s country desks.

Together with the Group’s country desks, the GIO leads product development and implementation, deal sourcing and origination, and all private capital raising efforts.
Group Finance

The Group Finance division plays an integral role in the strategic overview and management of key functions in accounting, treasury, corporate finance, risk management, regulatory compliance and investor relations.  It works closely with all divisions to drive the organization towards achieving its objectives and creating sustainable growth.

Group Compliance

The Group Risk Management & Internal Audit division assists the  Audit Committee in upholding high standards of corporate governance and ensures that the Group maintains a sound system of internal controls for checks and balances. Based on a risk-based approach, the internal audit team audits all key business units within the Group, covering the internal controls’ designs and operating effectiveness, and compliance with policies and procedures. The team also advises on governance matters relating to risk management framework, business continuity, regulatory compliance and other improvements to systems and processes.

Human capital is an invaluable and integral part of ARA’s business. The Group Human Resources division ensures the success of the Group through the dedication and contributions of all its staff across Asia Pacific. Underpinning ARA's human resource policies are its core values of Respect, Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork.

ARA places great emphasis on staff engagement and development. The team continuously enhances the Group's human resources policies and best practices to retain the best talent that will contribute to ARA's sustainable growth over time.
 ARA is committed to engaging our stakeholders and the community at large.  The Corporate Development and Investor Relations team manages internal and external communications, as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Internally, it provides the communication platforms for staff engagement. Externally, it communicates ARA’s business objectives and industry views to our investors and the public.

The team also plans and executes the ARA Group's CSR activities, which focus on education, as well as participation in and support for community initiatives through staff volunteerism and donations.
A strong administration team ensures that our day-to-day operations run at an optimum and efficient capacity. ARA’s Administration division provides systematic support in every area of the business, allowing the various business units to focus on their core functions at all times.