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  • Infrastructure

    Bridging the infrastructure financing gap- what Singapore should do

    30 Nov 2017

    The fact remains that population growth and rising urbanisation require new infrastructure investment (also referred as a greenfield project) and a rising need for private market participation.

  • Real Estate Trends

    Reaffirming the Invest- China Thesis

    30 Nov 2017

    The recent confluence of several major geopolitical happenings has recharged the economic and political energy in Asia. Kicking off these media-grabbing events was China’s 19th Party Congress where President Xi Jinping in a three-hour-long speech, gave his economic vision for China as it gears toward a consumption-based economy.

  • Real Estate Trends

    BREXIT – what’s happening?

    01 Sep 2017

    Until the negotiations are completed, the impact of BREXIT on the UK economy remains an uncertainty. In the real estate market, two critical issues that are of grave concern include immigration controls and trade restrictions. While the market has somewhat regained the loss of confidence immediately following the referendum and subsequent election, the eventual economic impact still remains a subject of academic debate. Meanwhile, what is happening in the UK real estate markets?

  • Real Estate Trends

    APF Research Papers – Hong Kong 20 years on

    01 Jul 2017

    Beyond the recent media attention on the twentieth anniversary of the return to China, the question remains whether Hong Kong remains an attractive destination for investors.