Future of Office: Singapore Occupier Survey Report

Many cities in APAC have seen a contraction in occupation since the pandemic. Expectedly, this was a result of corporate restructuring and natural business attrition. 

Based on our recent occupier survey of ARA office assets in Singapore, most respondents do not expect their physical office footprint to change in the short term. On the future leasing needs, a minority of respondents are less sanguine with any new outfits.

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An unforgettable 2020

Investors are loaded with abundance of capital they have been eager to deploy. Real estate has been a natural choice for many looking to diversify their portfolio.

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ARA Alternative Assets & Infrastructure (15 - 21 Jul 2021)

For a growing number of Chinese and international investors, elder-care developments like Ardor Gardens are becoming irresistible bets. Money is pouring into the sector amid renewed attention on just how quickly China is aging.

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